Subtle Role Of Supplements

Subtle Role Of Supplements

Nutritional Supplements For Athletes/Fitness In Training Is A Science

During training lot of changes(Physiological and Biochemical) occursin the body.So it’s very crucial to nourish the body with proper nutrition while you are putting body under this kind of external stress.

Truth About Sound Nutrition

Nutritional supplements are not always necessary. You don’t need protein supplements when you are not training. And you don’t need vitamins and mineral supplements when you are eating 3-4 perfectly balanced meals per day.

Nutritional supplements are not drugs. They can’t produce a quick psychological or physiological fix.

It takes years for a proper nutritional program to build on optimal body. For that I always recommend my clients to have strong Discipline and Determination.

In the case of Athletics, Bodybuilding, Fitness or any sports, supplementation is not only beneficial but a necessity.

Typical Indian Diet Lacks Complete Nutrition

So you need to have a proper monitoring on your nutrient intake and make sure you are properly stacked with nutrients which we lack in our food.

Regarding guidance I recommend you must always follow the right person. Generalized pattern of nutrients and supplement intake is really wrong. Since all are unique all individuals require unique diet and supplement program that suits their body type, blood group, height and physiological conditions.

Jis Philipson
Sports Nutritionist

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